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Microscopic Leaps

Commissioned by Pentagram for HHMI Bulletin Magazine to create conceptual illustrations based on Nobel Laureate Eric Betzig's work on the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. This microscopy technique provides a highly detailed, three-dimensional, animated view of the microscopic world revealing a ground-breaking picture of complex cellular processes and forms. The Betzig Lab's recordings of biological processes using this technique were artistically interpreted and recreated as 3d simulations which were then used to extract the final images for print. The video "Microscopic Leaps" was created out of the recordings of these simulation experiments.

Full length limited edition video available on Sedition.




Cover and main feature illustrations






Original recordings

The three videos that have provided the main inspiration for the simulations. From left to right: Top view of microtubule dynamics in multinucleate D. discoideum cells, rapid movements of a single cell protozoan T. thermophila, neutrophilic HL-60 cell migrating through a 3D collagen matrix. More videos on HMMI's Vimeo page.



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