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Quantum Superpositions

A moving image installation and a series of abstract digital paintings created from particle simulations inspired by the events that occur in the Large Hadron Collider. These simulations are superimposed to create intricate patterns, alluding to quantum properties such as wave-particle duality, superposition, entanglement and indeterminacy.

The installation projected on the floor invites the audience to look through the solidity of the ground and of their own bodies by placing their hands underneath the projection to experience the fluctuating and unstable nature of this fundamental aspect of reality.

The moving image installation piece was first shown at the Spectrum exhibition in Abu Dhabi, March 2017.

Large format limited edition prints available here.


Entanglement I


Entanglement II


Superposition I


Superposition II


Indeterminancy I


Indeterminancy II


Indeterminancy III


Superposition III


Entanglement III


Entanglement IV



Images from exhibition:





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