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A conceptual reimagining of the "lipid world" theory which postulates that life originated from lipids forming membranes which  envelop matter and nutrients to form protocells.


Quantum Fluctuations

Made as a series of virtual experiments, Quantum Fluctuations shows the complexity and transient nature of the most fundamental aspect of reality, the quantum world, which is impossible to observe directly.



Human After All

In collaboration with photographer Jan Kriwol this photographic series depicts people in the context of everyday life through their circulatory systems. The project highlights the fragility and vitality of the human body juxtaposed against the backdrop of urban architecture.



Microscopic Leaps

Conceptual visualisations based on Nobel Laureate Eric Betzig's research on Latice Light Sheet Microscopy. This microscopy technique provides a highly detailed, three-dimensional, animated view of the microscopic world which reveals a ground-breaking picture of complex cellular processes and forms.


Cytoplasmic Playgrounds

Complex molecular events that occur in the cytoplasm are interpreted as abstract forms and movement, re-imagined as a playful dance between macromolecules, minerals, ions and proteins.


Quarks, gluons and sea quarks

The Flow

The Flow visually reimagines physical processes that we are unable to directly observe with any imaginable medium, while referring to modern physical theories and scientific visualisation processes.




aDiatomea is an artificial life system composed of virtual organisms based on the unicellular organisms known as Diatoms. These beautiful microscopic creatures are constructed using the superformula, an equation that can reproduce organic form.





Scientific Illustrations

Quantum Superpositions

Insect Traps

Virtual Diatoms








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